“Leaving behind what drags us down, journeying together to discover the hope of the Greater Life that God has for us all.”


To me, these are not “mere words”.  It is not just some clever saying that we should put on our signs and letterhead.  We did not hire some marketing agency to come up with some pithy one line Vision Statement.

Without a doubt in my mind, this simple statement is the vision God has given us as one of His churches.  I have often said that salvation is a process, a journey.  The destination is the Ultimate Eternal Life with God in His Kingdom.  A life free of limitations, free of concerns, free of regrets.  It will be a life that we cannot even begin to imagine here on this side of eternity.

The Great News is that we really don’t have to wait.  No, I am not suggesting we do something drastic.  Even now God wants to give us a taste of that life.  He wants us to begin to experience what that Ultimate Eternal Life will be like – now.  Unfortunately, there are “things” that stand in our way.  These “things” act like weights that are attached to us and they tire us out dragging them around.  Even taking a few steps will wear us out and keep us from continuing.

These “things” I mention are sin (not “sins”, as in plural).  Sin is a factor that limits what good can happen in our lives.  It is more than just being “good”, more than just obeying the rules.  Sin is anything that interferes with the relationship God wants to have with us.  (Have you ever done something that is perfectly acceptable and yet for some reason your significant other got mad?  If you are a guy – just nod your head.)  There are things we do (or do not do) that have a negative impact on our relationship with God – this is sin.  Jesus dealt with the issue of sin when He died on the cross in our place.  Now, if we will go to Him and ask Him, He will work in our lives and will reverse the effect of those (now forgiven) sins.  He will cut us loose and allow us to discover that there is so much more.  No matter how much of God you have – There is ALWAYS More.  Not only that, but He wants us to partner with Him to offer the same thing for others.  We cannot do this alone and we do not have to.

“Mere words” my foot!