I admit it, the only thing I like less than being wrong – is to admit I am wrong.  I can do it (Lord knows I get plenty of practice), but I hate it.

The thing is however, until we choke out those words – they will continue to remain inside us choking us.  For forgiveness to be offered (either from God or others), we must admit we need it.  We must admit we are wrong.  I have said it many times before, you cannot save someone who refuses to admit they need help.

Our problem stems from those times when we admitted we were wrong – to the wrong person.  These people immediately take our admission and beat us up with it.  Admitting we are wrong makes us feel vulnerable and subject to criticism and ridicule.  Who wants to volunteer for that?  Thus, rather than admit we are wrong, we will change the subject, rationalize what we did, or blame others for our actions.  Anything but admit we were wrong. 

The good news is that God will never criticize or ridicule us when we come to Him.  Instead He receives us, welcomes us and though agrees we have done wrong, He assures us that those sins were taken care of on the cross.  This brings up two questions:

1)                  If all the sins of the world were included when Jesus dies, why do we have to admit to them?  Aren’t they all included?  The short answer is “yes”.  However, our admission of guilt is what makes the death of Jesus effective for us.  There are plenty of cold remedies at the store, but if we never go and get them and take it, because we refuse to acknowledge we are sick.  They will not do us any good.

2)                 If the first question is true, what if I don’t admit to every single sin?  Well, I do not believe it will count against us.  We are required to admit we are sinners and ask to be forgiven.  We are not told to account for every single wrong we have done (I don’t know about you, but I would not have time to do anything else!).

About the second question, I am occasionally reminded of something I have done, that I am not proud of.  When I am, I ask God if I have asked for forgiveness for that or not.  On the chance that I have not, I ask Him to forgive me right then.  Again, not because I am afraid I am going to hell because I did not ask God to forgive a specific sin, but just so that I can continue to live transparently before Him.