I have lost a total of 22lbs since Bev and I changed the way we eat.  I feel great and have lots of energy.  It has been a terrific start on a long journey down to 200.  I know that eating well is only going to get me so far.  As a result of that, I am adding a workout routine as well (there are many apps for that!).  I am also finding that I have to change the way I think about almost everything.  I have to change my routine to include, when I eat, when I work out, which workout I am going to do (friends don’t let friends skip leg day).  Basically I have committed myself to the goal of being healthy.

I have come to the realization that in order to become spiritually healthy, I have to do the exact same things.  I cannot just read my Bible more – as much as that helps.  I have to change the way I think and take on a multi-pronged attitude in order to really make this happen.  Reading my Bible more faithfully is a good start – but it is only a start.  I am not sure if all this starts in the heart – or in the head.  It doesn’t really matter as I believe that it started with the Holy Spirit within me.  All I know is, with His help, I am going to staring thinking differently.  Not just planning one when I read, or what study I do, or which devotional to follow, or even why I should pray (yes, do them all).  I need to be aware of how I treat others – doing my best to find a way to be a blessing to them.  So, I have also committed myself to the goal of being spiritually healthy as well.

Thinking about it, this is probably the better of the two.