It was a great weekend however, as many of you know, our Daughter Meg brought our Granddaughters Kaileigh and Karleigh for the weekend.  On Tuesday, I had to drive them to the Salt Lake Airport for their flight home.  I dropped them off: Meg, two kids, two fairly large suitcases and a couple backpacks.  Allow me a little parental pride, my girls are amazing.  Meg had all that stuff organized and was handling it like a boss!

As I pulled away, I was feeling sad, both because I loved having them here with me, but also because I was imagining Meg hanging around the airport with all that stuff for a few hours.  She is my girl, because she wanted to get to the airport extra early (ask Bev about travelling with me).  In the midst of feeling badly about her lugging all that luggage around, I realized that my perception was incorrect.  When she checked in at the counter, they took her biggest bags away from her.  Those bags were on a whirlwind tour of the inside of the airport, and she would not see them again until she arrived in Seattle (hopefully).

For those of you unfamiliar with the way my mind works, I can turn almost anything into a spiritual concept.  Hang on, here it comes:

When Jesus died, he took our baggage.  It’s gone.  We are not going to get it back.  Now that really sounds like the airlines, but He does it on purpose!  We have nothing holding us back!  Your sins are all forgiven and if you allow Him, He will even relieve us of our “carry ons”.  Those things we keep close to us, the things we think are important.  The things that are really keeping us from doing His will.  These are our thought patterns, our ideas that we don’t measure up, that what we have to offer is somehow flawed.  I have a tendency of not doing certain things because I don’t do them “well” (read: perfectly).  This is why those little gift bags are my favorite – no wrapping paper to deal with (but that is the subject of another letter).

The next time you feel burdened, like you are carrying around a bunch of excess stuff, remember, you can always check those bags with Jesus!  It’s just one of the many services He offers us!