I got back Monday afternoon from a terrific ride in Law Vegas.  The weather was great, the company was the best, all in all a great way to end the bike year.  We are already looking for rides for spring.

I have much to be thankful for.  I am blessed in every way possible.  I am healthy (although I still have about 20lbs I’d like to lose), I have more friends than any one person needs, my family is doing wonderfully, we are financially secure (thank you Bev!) and I am still growing spiritually.  I am even able to pursue my EMT License (again) and will be able to continue to serve this community that I have loved for many years.  Life truly is good.

Good – not perfect.  No matter how good life is – we will always have to deal with problems.  I found out that someone who went to the church I served in Southern California is dying (too young), many of my friends are dealing with major issued in health and relationships, another friend just lost her dad, another will probably lose their spouse soon.  Yes, life continues to give us lemons in spite of our best efforts.

You know me, I am not going to suggest we make lemonade.  I do not need to manipulate my (or others) circumstances in an effort to make things seem better or to balance the scales (don’t get me started on kharma).  I deal with my problems and rejoice at my victories.  I know the difficulties are temporary (as are the victories) and God is with me throughout, and He knows what I will be like when the problems resolve.

And that is just one more thing that I am thankful for.