The Coast Guard gets their Chaplains from the Navy, so do the Marines.  I knew a couple Chaplains that had three sets of uniforms in their closet.  Normally, however, if a Navy Chaplain goes to either the Coast Guard, or Marines, they stay there.  One of these Chaplains and I got to be pretty good friends and would have some really interesting conversations about some deep theological topics.  One of the best challenges he gave me was to prove I was saved using only the Old Testament.  The only ‘given’ was that we would assume Jesus is the Messiah (which I thought was convenient – because He is!).  It took me a while, but I managed to build and argument for salvation and we discussed it.  He told me I was the first person who took him up and completed the challenge.  I don’t have it anymore, perhaps one day I will reconstruct it.

The really interesting thing about that exercise was that shortly after I did it, I allowed someone to convince me to go out street witnessing.  I do not do any street witnessing because it is the least effective means of evangelism.  However, I agreed to go this time.  The plan was to go to Pasadena the night before the Rose Parade.  A lot of people start to line the parade route early that evening to get a good seat for the parade the next day and I was surprised at the number of people who were there when we arrived.

We were doing our “thing” when a group of teenagers came up to me all excited.  They asked if I were one of those Christians running around and I told them that I was only walking around, but yes, I am a Christian.  They explained that they were Jewish and had some questions.  I took the initiative by asking them a few questions of my own – which sort of surprised them.  They had great questions for me and we talked for a long time.  I realized right away that in order to reach them, I would be better off using Scripture they would be familiar with – OLD TESTAMENT Scriptures.  They did not convert me to Judaism, and I didn’t lead any of them in the sinner’s prayer, but we had a good conversation and later that evening they got my attention and asked me other questions based on what other Christians told them.

I learned that night that nothing you do for God is ever wasted.