I have often said that if you are not moving forward in your relationship with God – you are going the wrong direction.  The whole point of having a relationship with Him is so He can make us perfect – like Jesus.  I have heard some say that since becoming a Christian they have stopped sinning, one person I know claims they have never sinned at all!  I know I could never get away with either of those statements and I also know none of you could either.

The fact is, the reason Jesus came and died for us was because we have so completely blown this thing called life that we could do nothing to save ourselves.  We do things we know to be wrong on a continual basis and there is no sign of stopping.  We might seem to have it all together and can impress the people around us, but we know what goes on in our hearts and minds.  None of us is perfect and few of us could even claim to be basically “good”.  Face it, most of us can be real jerks.

While in Ireland last month we visited two crystal ware factories.  In order to be able to do the work required in these places you were an apprentice for about five years.  It took another five years or so to become a “master”.  I have been serving God for 28 years and have been a pastor for 25.  If I were to claim to be a Master, you (who know me) would laugh out loud (and well you should!).  Instead of being a master, I have made and continue to make “rookie” mistakes.  Oh sure I have made some incredible progress in some areas of my life.  In others – not so much.

I do have hope that one day I will be able to join the ranks of the PERFECTED.  Just not on this side of eternity.  Until then I need to keep putting one (sanctified) foot in front of the other.