I have been studying the Book of Daniel in my personal study time.


I am continually amazed at the life of that man.  He was taken from his home at a young age, forced to learn the customs and language of a foreign land, and even though he was royalty (exactly how we do not know) he was forced to serve another king.  Early in the Book, it mentions that Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not sin against God.


So, what he did was preach to everyone he could.  He told them that they were sinning against the true God and that they were going to hell.  He continually rebelled against the people and authority, holding up his Bible and condemning them at every turn.  I truly hope you didn’t take me seriously.  If you did, please go read the Book of Daniel for yourself.


Yes, at first Daniel asked those in charge if he could be on a different diet, but he did not cite Biblical precedent, he did not mock their eating habits.  We know  the food was specifically not kosher, and it most likely was dedicated to idols (but so were the vegetables he ate).  When the guy in charge said he shouldn’t do it, Daniel simply suggested that the guy test them for 10 days, and if he did not like the way Daniel looked, Daniel would eat what was put in front of him.  As it was, after only 10 days Daniel (and his three friends) looked better than everyone else, so the guy took away the prescribed food and gave the people veggies.


I am not suggesting that if you become a vegetarian, you will look better in just 10 days (I would never do that – even though it would mean more meat for me).  I am suggesting that if you were to purpose in your heart that you would not sin against God, that He would protect you too – even in the midst of your worst nightmares.  Just like He did Daniel. 


God not only protected him all the days of his captivity, but Daniel served in the highest offices possible, through five different kings.  I also find this interesting; we never once read about any sin that Daniel commits.  I do not believe he was perfect – none of us are, but the Bible does not ever mention one thing Daniel was guilty of.  Who else (aside from Jesus) in the Bible gets that kind of treatment?