We have all experienced deep disappointment (if you have not – you will).  Some of us have seen things and people who we placed the fate of our lives on, only to see them dashed to the ground.  Those people have an idea what the Disciples must have felt.  On the one hand there had been hope.  The (illegal) trials by the council were going in Jesus’ favor – until He told them He was God.  Herod and Pilot were juggling Him back and forth because there was not solid evidence against Him.  Pilot tried to let Him go, but the Jews finally prevailed.  Even while Jesus was on the cross, He could have come down – surely.  He didn’t and now He was dead.  Things just got “real”.

I can only imagine what the Disciples were going through.  Then they got the word.  The ladies had gone to the tomb to finish preparing Jesus’ body for burial, but they came back too soon, and extremely excited.  They made some outlandish claims.  “He was not in the tomb?”  For that matter what were those ladies thinking?  They could not have gotten into the tomb anyway.  Peter and John ran to the site and found it the way it was described.  Who could roll that stone out of the way?  Where was Jesus’ body?

On top of all that as they were together two of the disciples came back from Emmaus early.  They said they actually talked to Him!  Even if it was true, it would not be the same for Peter.  Not only did he deny Jesus three times – just like He said, but after the rooster crowd, Jesus was looking right at him!  Things are really fouled up.

Then while they are all together in a locked room, Jesus appears to them and tells them: “Peace.”  You have new life; “Peace”.  I have overcome death; “Peace”.  It is NOT over; “Peace”.  I have plans for you; “Peace”.