I was talking with a friend not too long ago.  They were frustrated because they would start a workout program and something would interfere and they would find themselves having to start all over again.  “Why can’t I be more like those people who work out every day – no matter what?”

I told them that for the most part those people who worked out every day were either professional athletes, or personal trainers working at a gym and there are not that many of those people.  I completely understand their frustration.  It takes a lot of determination to make the change in your lifestyle and begin to work out.  It also takes a lot of planning and commitment.  You gather the knowledge, equipment, and gumption and strike out.  You are doing well for a while and then – BAM!  Something happens (an injury a change in schedule, a trip, etc.) and you cannot work out for a time.  The worst part of the cycle is when your schedule clears up and you again have the time you find excuses not to work out.  Boy-howdy have I been there!

I told my friend that what they need to do is disregard the interruption, and not to be so hard on themselves.  Oh sure you lose some progress, but once you get moving again you discover you have not lost everything and you seem to recover a bit faster than when you originally started out.  The other thing is you need to acknowledge you have done something (even if it is “small”).  Give yourself credit for trying.  Yes it is frustrating to have to begin again, but I think that really is the wrong way to look at it.  Rather than looking at it as beginning again see it for what it is; you are doing something again – and that is progress.

I think I made my point, my friend thanked me and said they would take my advice and they left.  Later that week, I was talking with someone else who was frustrated because they would make a really good start of being more consistent with reading the Bible and then something would happen….