Bev is still pretty sick but is SLOWLY getting better.  Your prayers and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

During times like this, people often ask why is God doing this?  The simple answer is: He is not.  God did not make Bev sick.  He has struck people down with disease in the past, but He made it abundantly clear that it was Him and why.  This was a very rare and extreme occurrence.

God did allow this to happened and it is a great mystery where Bev got mono.  What is not known is what God did to protect her.  He may have given her warnings and she missed it.  (We have no idea how many times God has done this, and we never had a clue).  God might have protected her from something worse.  Again, this side of eternity we will never know.  It is possible that He wants to teach her something and this is the only way to do it.  It is also possible that God has no motive and no part in this entire episode.

The “what ifs” abound, but I there are several things of which I am sure.  I am sure that God loves Bev – far more than I ever could.  I am sure that God is right here with us now, and has been right here the whole time.  I am sure God has a plan to bring us through this thing.  I am sure that God’s plan is better than we can know.  I am sure that when we get to the other side, we will be very thankful people.

I just wish God would hurry up.