Today, (Wednesday) Nov 14th , marks my eighth anniversary as Pastor of Greater Life Church.  I am so grateful to God for bringing me to this place.


We have made a lot of changes to the church, both physically and spiritually.  That certainly is not to say there was anything wrong with what happened in the past.  You must understand that everything that has happened to you in your past has brought you to the chair you are sitting in while at this very moment you are reading this letter.  In the same way, everything that has happened in the history of this church and in my life has brought us to this point where I am typing it.  I thank God for pastors like John Senn, Bill Slabaugh, and the others who have gone before me to continue the work that God started, literally, just over 101 years ago (by two days as a matter of fact).


It has been one year since we changed our name from First Baptist to Greater Life Church.  Remember why we did this – to eliminate another barrier to people coming to church.  It is also reflective of who we feel we are supposed to be here in Elko; people bringing the Great News of a Great God, to the people of the Great Basin.  I will not spend time here telling you of how in the past eight years God has made my life greater than it already was; it would take too long.  I also know that He is not through making my life even greater than it is now.  That is exactly what we, as His people, are offering to others.


In keeping with the season, I am thankful to God for bringing me to this place.  I am thankful to you for allowing me to be your pastor.  I am thankful for your hard work over the last couple months to once more bring the Community Thanksgiving Dinner to Elko, especially the “stirring” (as Tom Bassier likes to call them) Steering Committee.  Next week we will bless our community with a meal, hopefully we will also be able to bless them with a Savior.