Bev and I had a great time with our family, and it’s nice to be back home.


We are about to embark on and exciting time in the life of our church.  As we explained in the letter you should have received and in the bulletin a couple weeks ago, we are going to start a coaching relationship with Andy Beottcher for the next year.  I really do not know what that is going to look like, we will all learn that together.  One of the first things I believe we need to do and what I am going to ask Andy about is getting his help to guide the Leadership Team into developing our Mission, Vision and Values Statements.  These concepts will help us to discern the direction that God wants us as a church to take.  It will also help to guide us into the ministries we get involved in.

These terms get bandied about often in church settings and it seems as if everyone who uses them has their own meanings.  The best definition I have heard for these is:
                        MISSION:  The charted course for the church.  Mission takes into consideration, the past, present and desired future of the church.  We must know where we have been and where we are in order to chart a favorable course to our destination

              VISION:  A picture of the port we are headed for.  What will it look like when we get “there”.

              VALUES:  What is important to us?  What do we hope to accomplish – both on course and at our destination

The reason I am taking time to explain this to you is that, we will be needing input from you in order to go through this process.  Ultimately the Leadership Team will codify what we are told, but with your help it will be more meaningful. 

So I am once again asking to you pray for the Leadership Team (Elaine Bassier, Darryl Boyd, Gary Johnson, Jeannie Jury, and me (and our spouses)).  Pray for wisdom and discernment for us as we seek God’s will and pray for Andy that God will speak through him and give him the wisdom to direct us the way we should go.  Pray for yourselves for the same – we are all in this together.