There is a term for a patient that is beyond medical care- it is not a true medical term.  The term is “circling the drain”.  If you were to watch the news – regardless of whether it is a conservative station or a liberal one the message is the same.  The other guys are causing this country to circle the drain.  There are wars and rumors or wars, pestilence, pollution, civil liberties are threatened, and institutions we have counted on for generations are disintegrating before our eyes.  It might be better for our blood pressure to just ignore the news – but we cannot afford to do that.  So what are we supposed to do?

Before I answer that, let me remind you that I am a patriot.  I believe in the things that America stands for.  I served this country for 20+ years.  I came from a patriotic family, of the nine of us (seven kids and my parents), eight of us have served in the military.  I believe the Founding Fathers were inspired by God when they set the foundation of this nation.  I hate what is happening to this still great (though much diminished) country.

What we are supposed to do is stop putting our faith in the country, in its leaders, in the great minds and the plans they have to save it.  Frankly even the Founding Fathers did none of those things.  Their faith was in God who they believed with all their hearts created this nation.  That is exactly what we should do.  Put our faith in the God of the universe.  America has made the exact same error that Israel did.  At first, it was all about God, then as the blessings of God increased, they felt they could take it from here.  They took it alright – straight to the drain.  That is precisely what we are doing.  Our only hope is to learn the second lesson from Israel.  Repent of our sin, call on the name of the Lord.  He will save us.

Remember however, as you read the end of the Bible things are eventually headed for the drain anyway….