It was a tough week last week.  It started with the bombing at the Boston Marathon, then the explosion at the Waco, TX factory.  In addition there were two earthquakes, on in Iran and another in China.  By all means, be in prayer for the people involved in these tragedies.

But do not be afraid.  It would be easy to allow any one of these things to cause us to fear; a terrorist can strike anytime, anywhere; accidents happen all the time; and who can predict natural disasters?  Some suggested that after the cowardly attacks on Sept 11, 2001, we should go about business as usual – otherwise the terrorists would have one.  I am not suggesting that.  We as a nation have to be on the alert to the idea that there are nations that do not like us and wish to do us harm.

I am suggesting, as individuals (as Christians), we need not fear.  Not because nothing bad will happen to us if we have enough faith (that is just plain nonsense), but because no matter what happens to us God still wins – and His promise is to share His victory with us.  No matter what happens to us – we ultimately wake up in heaven with Jesus – forever.

Lest someone suggest that to fear is to have a lack of faith, let me say this;  Fear is a good thing – pay attention to it.  I was waiting for my dad to get off our boat and into the water for a SCUBA dive off Waikiki Beach (way off), when I saw a fin in the water ahead of me.  I had been diving for a long time and seen many sharks, but I did not like being on the surface when I did (I looked too much like a seal).  I told dad to wait, pointed and slowly started swimming for the boat.  As I put my face in the water, I could see the whole animal, I noticed it was a dolphin.  Not only was I relieved it was not a shark, it was an assurance that sharks were not around (sharks and dolphin don’t “hang” with each other).

It would have been stupid to ignore what I saw, but it would have been equally stupid to just panic.  When you have fear, check it out (here’s a thought) pray and ask God what is going on (I bet He knows).  You may have to get out of the water, but then again you might get to know Flipper!