When I get the chance to do a Christian Wedding, I begin by telling the Groom what the Bible says about getting a good wife:

Proverbs 18:22 (ESV)  He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.

There are a couple other very similar verses telling a husband what a good thing it is to be married to the right woman.  Then I turn to the Bride and tell her I have searched the Scriptures for similar verses about what a wonderful thing it is to find a husband – There are none.  It has been my observation that the husband gets the better deal in 99 out of 100 marriages.  I am no exception to those statistics.  On Friday (Feb 7th) Bev celebrated “a” birthday – she can tell you which one.

            I am more in love with this woman now than on that day her dad (reluctantly) walked her down the aisle of our church.  Next to my salvation, Bev is the most precious gift I have ever received from God (sorry kids, you are next – if that makes any difference).  She loves me, honors me, challenges me, and irritates me, like no one else can.  We laugh at silly stuff, we cry about our hurts.  We are comfortable with each other and we have hope we both (individually and as a couple) will continue to grow closer to God and to each other.

            I just hope I make her half as happy as she makes me….