I firmly believe God talks to us far more often than we think he does.  We often miss it for three reasons:
                    1.  We don’t believe God would talk to us, so we are not listening.

                    2.  He does not answer us with what we want Him to, so we are not listening.

                    3.  It “sounds” so much like our own thoughts, we doubt it is Him, so we are not listening.

                   4.  (Okay FOUR reasons).  He is talking to us as though we are complete in Him and we do not recognize that He is talking to us, so (you guessed it!) we are not listening.

          God called Gideon a “mighty warrior” while Gideon was hiding in a wine press.  His response was the Hebrew equivalent of: “you go the wrong guy.”  Zechariah was so convinced that he and his wife were too old to start having children and he questioned Gabriel (bad).  Balaam did not see the angel who was trying to kill him, and so he began to beat the donkey he was riding who was avoiding the angel, because the donkey DID see it.  Nathanael almost missed Jesus entirely because he “knew” nothing good could come from Nazareth.

          Fact is, God talks to us (a lot), but because He does it so differently than we would talk to ourselves we miss it.  If God’s ways are higher than ours (they are!), then we need to be listening.

          Very carefully!