Bev and I have been spending this past week at the A Frame Cabins at Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe (yeah, suffering for Jesus).  There are two cabins on the Station grounds and they are divided into an upstairs and a downstairs, we have the upstairs closest to the lake.  The weather during the day has been great, temperatures in the mid 70’s and lots of sunshine.  In the afternoons (so far) we have had some thunderstorms roll through and that is supposed to continue for the rest of our stay.  So much for our dinner cruise plans.


That is not why I am writing.  Downstairs from us was a family with young kids.  The dad was not very patient with his children and on a number of occasions he lost his temper with his son.  To my knowledge, he did not get physical (I would have stepped in), but just short tempered.  I found myself praying for him (and his son).  Then I realized how many vacations I ruined because I too, was very short tempered with my girls.  About this time Bev walked into our cabin from her walk, I apologized to her for doing what I had done.  I will apologize to my girls when we see them next time.


I am not about to tell you that I am the most patient man today, I still struggle with it, and I lose my temper more than I should.  However, because of God at work in my life, I am far better than I have been, and in time, I will get even better. 


That has been my experience with God, of course at first; there was LOTS for God to work on.  Some of my issues are completely history, and will never plague me again.  Others I am in process with, and others He will get to when I have made sufficient progress on my current difficulties.  A few of these areas of my life I may struggle with for the rest of my life.  However, because of God at work in my life, I will continue to become more of what He wants me to be – that’s His promise!