I have been told that I do not respect a person if I “force ‘my’ religion on them”

Let’s take a look at this for a moment:

They would be correct if I were actually trying to “force” something on them.  The height of disrespect is suggesting a person is not capable of making a decision on their own.  Politicians do this often.  The fact is, no one is forced to accept what Jesus has done for them.  Jesus Himself never forced anyone to follow Him, as a result, we should not try it either.  Besides, it just does not work that way.  We cannot accept salvation for another person, nor can we force them the accept it for themselves.  They are free to reject what Jesus did for them and take their chances.

I laugh at the idea that Christianity is somehow “my” religion.  Trust me, if I had developed my own religion, it would not work like this!  No, I did not come up with it, nor can I adapt it to suit my needs.  God established how things are supposed to work from the very beginning and we either follow to the best of our ability (failing often), or we do not.  Fortunately, it was all completed by Jesus.  So, the idea that this is mine is truly laughable.

Finally, and most importantly; How is it disrespectful when I share with you what I believe?  Again, you are free to reject it and think I am stupid if you choose.  However, if I am right, and you do reject Jesus’ offer of salvation, then when you die you will go straight to hell and stay there forever.  If I did not respect you, not only would I not warn you, but I would also laugh at the thought of you in eternal torment.  I may not like you very much (although I am supposed to love you), but I do not hate you.  Not telling you would be the most hateful/disrespectful thing I could do.