If you are reading this; CONGRATULATIONS!  You have (apparently) survived the first day of the Great Tribulation!  Yes, I am kidding.

I was listening to a song a few days ago – I can’t remember which one (I listen to music all the time).  This song in particular seemed to get into my head because the lyrics got me thinking.  The song said; “God is for us.”  Pretty simple – even bordering on being trite (and you know how much I hate “trite”).  For some reason, these simple words just struck me.  God really is for us.

The “us” here is everyone.  Not just Greater Life Church members, not just Baptists (in spite of what some Baptists think), not just Christians.  God is for everyone.  No one, not even those who turn their backs on Him is excluded in this phrase.  God is even for those who claim to hate Him.  He does not excuse their behavior, any more than He excuses the poor behavior of those who claim to be His.  The difference is that He does forgive the sins of Christians (when they ask), and that is the only difference.  If the worst human being in all of history, asks God for forgiveness – they will have it.  He would be thrilled to give it.  If you don’t believe me, think back to the first time you asked.

God is for us and that is the very motivation that sent Jesus to earth.  To make a way for the very people who made a mess of the relationship with God possible again.

Now that is GREAT NEWS worth sharing