No matter what you think about the results of the election, I would remind you of two things:

First:  As Christians, we are obligated to pray for the government and our representatives (1Tim 2:1-4).  A friend of mine once told me; “I cannot pray for the current administration because I do not agree with them.”  I told them that when I disagree with those who are charged as our representatives, I pray even harder.  The thing is God has never given us the choice to pray or not.  We are instructed to pray.  I believe that when I disagree with what our government says or does – it becomes even more important that I pray.  If I hear someone complain about the government I ask two questions:  Did you vote? And Are you praying?  We usually start talking about the weather.

Secondly, we Christians must remember that we serve God and He is our leader.  He has seen what is happening and what is going to happen, and He has given us some of that information.  Frankly the future does not look all that good.  It looks so bad in fact, it would appear that “the Good Guys” lose.   Things go from bad to worse until it seems as though all is lost.  At the moment when it is as black as it seems it can get – Jesus returns.  He calls His people home and makes everything the way it was meant to be before we sinned.

My advice is to pray and hang in there.  It will all work out in the end.   If it is not working out – it is not the end.