I can now cross “Be a Conference Speaker” off my bucket list.  Family Camp was a blast.  If you want to know how I did – ask Bev.  I believe I am a gifted speaker and I have a lot of great things to say (all from God – of course).  If people take what I have to say and apply it to their lives, their life would greatly improve.  See why you should ask Bev?  She can tell you how she reacted to what I say and it would give you an idea of what others think.

To me, that is what really matters – what others think.  I do not say that because I need a pat on the back (right now), nor am I interested in being a people pleaser (come on – ME?!).  What I want is to say something that will simply change your life.  To inspire you to go farther than you believe you can, to do more than you thought you were capable of.  I fully recognize that if that happens, it is not really me anyway – it’s God. 

I want God to be more real to you than He ever has been.  I want you to know Him more, serve Him completely.  I want you to feel His forgiveness.  Not only then will you be completely sold out to Him, you will also have more to share with other people.  We do not live in a bubble, not even in a “Christian” bubble, we live for Jesus.  He calls us out of the world, so that the changes He makes in us can be an example after He puts us back IN the world.

Folks it is imperative that we allow God to work in our lives, so that He can show others just exactly what He can do in their lives.