Wow!  What an amazing week!  394 miles with 149 new friends from San Antonio to Ft Worth Texas.  Apparently I properly trained because I was able to do the entire ride, (except for 12 miles when I developed a mechanical problem), and was not sore.

I recently heard the song Great Is Thy Faithfulness, on my “radio” and was reminded that years ago, I walked into my Senior Pastor Harry Galloway’s office before the service.

Harry:  “I hear you mom is with us today, what special song are you going to do.”

Me:  “None, I did one a couple weeks ago.”  (I have the strange idea that if you do something all the time, it’s not “special”.

Harry:  “Your mother is here today…”

Me:   “Yes, Harry, we have established that.”

Harry:  “So what special are you doing?”

Me:  “Not my turn.”

Harry:  “Go now, talk to Pat (our piano player), pick a song, you are doing a special today.”

Me:  “Aye aye sir.”

We decided to go with Great Is Thy Faithfulness.  When I got through we had our greeting time.  I walked over to mom and she was in tears (I really didn’t think it was that bad).  Apparently, she had never heard me sing solo before (always in one group or another), and that was her all-time favorite hymn.  I cannot hear this song and not think of mom.  I was also reminded that God’s blessings never fail us, nor do they ever stop.  It can be little things, like finding something you lost, or big things like being invited to bike 400 miles in Texas.  If you look, you will see.

And the more you look, the easier they are to find.