The third side of our Vision Frame deals with Strategy.  It answers the question: “How are we doing it?”  Of course, the “it” is the Vision Proper and we will deal with that in a few weeks.  Strategy deals with the “how” of the “what”.  For the sake of argument, let’s say our Vision was to make us the most dog friendly church in Elko (purely hypothetical – I assure you).  Our strategy would involve things like offering Obedience Classes, or Grooming Ministries.  Picture several fire hydrants outside….  Get the picture?

We have distilled our Strategy into three areas corresponding to our initials.  G stands for GROWING:  Getting to know Jesus and becoming more like Him.  This area deals primarily with an individual’s journey to be conformed into the image of Jesus.  We are interested in being the people we are supposed to be.  Our prayer time on Tuesday nights has this as a focus for now.

The L stands for LIVING:  Showing others that Jesus loves them.  This is the outreach arm of our church.  The Good News Club at Mountain View Elementary is an example.  My hope is that, without neglecting the others, this would be the most effective, largest, and most active area of our Strategy.

Finally, the C stands for CONNECTING:  Spending time with God and others.  This is by far the most fun as it includes our fellowship events (Sunday Brunch), but in addition, it would also include events we intentionally do with other churches (again The Good News Club, but I also want to expand our Church in the Park event to include other churches (and Cowboy’s Rest staff).

Every ministry we participate in, or do, or develop has to fit into one of these three areas, which makes up our Strategy.