Welcome to 2014!  As I pray for you, I pray that God will draw you closer to Him in this year, and that as you respond to Him, He will Greatly bless you!
   I believe that this year has promise for each of us individually, as well as for us as a church of Jesus Christ.  In order for that to happen, we must be prepared to act, just as the saints of old acted in response to what they perceived God was telling them.  With that in mind, we are starting a new series this morning.  I am calling it:  Let's ACT Like The Church.  We looked at the Book of Acts years ago, but it is time to do it again.
   Acts is about the History of the early church, and describes for us the things that happened in those formative years of Jesus' Church.  It serves as a reminder that God was at work in the lives of His people back then, and a promise that He is still at work in the lives of His people in 2014!  I look at Acts as more than just Historical.  When I read the book of Acts, I look at it also as a manual for the Church today.  The things they did, we should be doing in the context of our lives in Christ.  After all, God really seemed to bless what they did, and as a result the church grew exponentially.  
   Not just in numbers, because when the Disciples (now Apostles) were brought before the Council, the religious leaders were trying to find a charge against them in an effort to stop what they were doing.  They utterly failed at that and then they noted the Apostles "were uneducated men" and they also recognized that those "uneducated men" had been with Jesus.
   May everyone you meet this year look at you and recognize that you too have been with Jesus!