When Marine Colonel “Chesty” Puller was advised that his unit was surrounded and in danger of being overrun, he simply replied: “…They can’t get away this time.”  You would be tempted to question the sanity of that answer.  You would if you were unfamiliar with Chesty and his ability to motivate Marines and inspire confidence in his men.

When we are faced with seemingly impossible odds in our lives, sometimes we forget about our leader and how God is able to remove us from the circumstances stacked against us.  The same God who rescued from a red-hot furnace, closed hungry lion’s mouths, caused city walls to fall flat, calmed raging storms, and brought the dead to life, is the very same God we serve today.

He is not taken by surprise by our circumstances, nor is he intimidated by them.  He looks us square in the eye and tells us: “They can’t get away this time.”  If we pay attention, He can lead us through our most dire difficulties into a place of safety.  If, because of His will to always do us good, He chooses not to bring us through those difficulties, His peace will surpass all understanding.