I do not believe for a Nano-second that those of us who follow God are where we (or who we are for that matter) by accident.  We are here because He wants us to be here (where ever “here” happens to be).  It is not just where you live, or where you work, or where you go to school.  It is you, right “here”, right now reading this.  It is you later after the service eating at your favorite restaurant.  It is you tomorrow shopping, next week on vacation, etc.

Don’t take this too far.  I am not suggesting that we are spiritually required to be talking about Jesus to everyone we meet.  Rather, I am suggesting two things:

1).  There is something for you to do for God everywhere you are.  That being the case, look for it.  Again, it may not be asking everyone in the elevator if they have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior (thought don’t rule that out either).  Maybe you are going to hear a conversation (by chance) that someone is going through a tough time.  You might be in a position to do something about it, you are certainly in the position to pray for that person.

2)  There is something for you to learn from God everywhere you are.  So, look for it.  It may be a reminder of how awesome God is.  You may hear someone (by accident) telling their friends how a difficulty in their lives suddenly went away.  God may impress upon you how much He loves all the people you see and how much it hurts Him that most of them have no relationship with Him.

You are not always going to get it and that is okay, but train your brain to be looking for it.  God is up to something all the time – look for it.