By now you should know that I do not think like a normal person.  So when I begin one of these letters with the phrase: “I’ve been thinking lately about….”  You should probably fasten your seatbelts and check for the location of the nearest exit, which may be behind you.

I’ve been thinking lately about how we think about evangelism.  As a pastor, I can quickly point to any number of evangelistic tools that can help you to organize your outreach ministries.  To be sure, these things are important and they are helpful.  We should have a plan that helps us go from one stage of getting a person to step closer to Jesus to another.  I talk about that when I talk about our 1to3 program.

I’ve been thinking that for our 1to3 program to work (or any program for that matter) we first need to program our mind.  We need to begin to think differently about evangelism.  More than defining it the way we do (Bringing a person one step closer to Jesus).  We need to think about not just thinking about it, but making it something we do all the time.  Because, I believe we do it all the time.

Once a person finds out that we are a Christians, they always see us acting like “Christians” whether we are doing it correctly – or when we are not.  Yes, we mess up, that is a given, but what we do next is what separates us from the crowd.  Perhaps it boils down to the idea that evangelism is not just a program, it is who we are.