You know them, they are Darryl and Bonnie Boyd, Buddy Hills, Gary Johnson and Bev.  These folks have been partnering together as the Vision Team for over a year now.  Their goal was to discover what is unique about Greater Life Church and determine the vision that God has for us.  They have meet at least monthly for a year, but Darryl, Bonnie and I made regular monthly trips to Boise from January through July last year to attend meetings that would help us guide the rest of the Team through the process.  Our Congregational Coach, Andy Boettcher was and is a big help throughout this process as well.  But the Team, oh the Team.

Countless hours of preparation, prayer, and perspiration prior to our meetings.  Lots of discussion, some disagreement, and lots and lots of unity throughout.  I have taken you through most of what we have discovered about how God has fashioned us as a church.  The fruit of which is posted on the wall in my office.  The Team is not done, but we have reached another milestone in the journey and only two steps are left:  Defining the Vision Proper (answering the question:  Where is God taking us?) and then implementing the vision throughout the church.

These are not small steps left to do and I have told the Team, I want to be sure to finish this process well – not just slap some things together that sound good and call it a day.  They are with me on this and that is where you come in.  Continue to pray for them – that God will continue to strengthen them and give them His wisdom so that the end of this matter will be even better than it’s beginning.  Make sure you add to your prayers a healthy dose of gratefulness.

I always do.