I have not talked much about my new bike (lately).  In case I have not mentioned it at all (unlikely), I bought a new recumbent bicycle in June.  A recumbent bike (we call them ‘bents) is very different from an upright (normal) bike in that you ride in a more reclined position.  In order to accommodate that position, the seat has a back to it.  Some people call it a lounge chair with wheels.  Also the pedals are not below you, they are in front of you.  The reason I bought this particular type of bike is because I LOVE to ride, but with my back the way it is there is no comfortable way for me to ride an upright bike.

Switching from an upright bike to a ‘bent is not like “riding a bicycle.”  I’ve read where some people take as long as two years to make the adjustment.  It has been a learning process for me that even after two months I am not fully acclimated to the new style.  For instance, starting out on an upright bike is easy.  You put one pedal at the 3 o’clock position, stand on it to start forward and as that pedal hits the 6 o’clock position you put your other foot on the upper pedal and off you go.  With my bike, I put the first pedal at about 10:23, start pushing on it and hope I can get enough momentum going to bring my other foot up and on the other pedal in time to keep moving – slowly.  The first few times I rode, I looked less coordinated than a calf getting on its feet for the first time (more like Bambi on ice).  In addition, ‘bents do not handle hills very well.  Again, on an upright bike you can stand on the pedals and keep going.  To make up for that, I have 27 gears to work through.  I have worked my way up to 6.27 miles per trip.

Switching from your old life to a life based on Christ takes a lot more than two years, and at first you are less “coordinated” than Bambi on ice.  In fact, it is a lifelong process and this side of eternity, you will NEVER get it completely right.  In fact, being perfect is not our goal.  Our goal is that we are BEING PERFECTED.  It is God’s job to conform us into the image of Jesus, not ours.  Our job is to cooperate, to allow the Holy Spirit to be the power within us to change.

The trick, therefore, is to take things slowly – at God’s pace.  Oddly enough He is more patient with you than you are with yourself.  You are progressing at exactly the pace He knew you would – from the foundation of the world.  That is not to say that you should not be too comfortable where you are now.  That can be very dangerous in itself.  I try to maintain a “Godly dissatisfaction” with my life.  As we like to say, no matter how much of God you have – there is Greater out there.  I want that Greater Life God has promised all of us.  I don’t want to be in a rush – that leads to too many mistakes and frustrations.  That leads to giving up and THAT is not an option for me.  I’ve gotten this far with God’s help; I will keep going with God’s help.  The more time you spend with God, the more “mileage” you will accumulate.