Tis the season!


No, I am not talking about Christmas (yet), the season I am talking about is the season of controversy.  I am talking about Halloween.  You know that evil pagan holiday when the entire world worships Satan?  Oh and don’t get me started on Christmas!

I do not deny that an awful lot that is associated with Oct 31st has an evil bent to it.  Yes witches and pagans and all manner of “evil” people celebrate this time of year as special – there is no denying that.

You (Good, Solid, Christian) should avoid the appearance of evil.  You should also realize that Nov 1st is known as All Saints Day (just in case we missed anybody the rest of the year).  It was a time when the Church recognized (in particular) those who were martyred.  They would dress up in gruesome “costumes” that acknowledge the manner of death a particular saint suffered.  They would leave gourds on the door steps of others homes – AS A BLESSING.  I understand that some people EAT those things.  These things used to be done the night before ALL SAINTS DAY (Or All Hallows Eve), because the day was supposed to be a celebration.  Funny old world –isn't’ it?  I am no more suggesting that (most) people are no more worshiping Satan, as they are commemorating the saints.  I am suggesting that both meanings are pretty much lost on the average Mild Dud Muncher.

Which brings me to Christmas (you knew this was coming).

One of the great debates is the idea of writing X-mas.  Some well-meaning individuals believe it is a vast left wing conspiracy to take Christ out of Christmas (Or X-mas if you prefer).  Believe it or not, there was a time and a place when the celebration of Christ’s Mass was illegal.  So they developed a code (start humming the theme from Mission Impossible).  In the Greek the name “Christ” looks like this:  Χριστός (wow, is that an X?)  Sure looks like one to me!  Now I grant you that’s not much of a code, but there you have it.  Don’t get me started on Santa Claus!

My point is frankly; Aren't there more important things for us to discuss?  I see no point in dying on either one of these hills.  Wouldn't it be a better use of our time pointing people to Jesus?  His grace is enough for all the silly things we do and think.

Isn't it?