By the time you are reading this, Clan na Killion will have been increased by one.  Meg was scheduled to be induced on Thursday (the 11th).  I will have all the vital statistics for Karleigh Ann Ipolani Funk a little later in the service.

Bev and I drove up to Washington to see the kids and Kaileigh (and Karleigh, we had hoped; but she was not ready to present herself while we were there).  At Meg’s last appointment the doctor said Kar was probably around 7lbs.  We had a great time with Kai and the kids and look forward to heading back in late June.  Kai is almost three now so she can talk up a storm and has lots of energy.  I was sitting in the living room and she ran up to me, grabbed my hand and shouted, “Pop- Pop, let’s hide!”  We went into her room, “hid” under her covers and she yelled for Bev, “Grammy, come find us!”  Bev made a show of looking, then Kai jumped out from the covers, covered me back up and told Bev, “He’s under here!  Pop- Pop is here!”  I’ve never been thrown under the bus by anyone so young before.

I was reminded of a couple things while I was playing with Kai.  The first thing was something I heard a long time ago.  Our pastor, Ron Rezendes, was talking about the one thing he was looking forward to in his life.  He said he was waiting to have his grandchild sit on his lap hearing them tell him about how much they love Jesus.  Bev and I got the chance to sing “Jesus Loves Me” with Kai.  You cannot imagine what that is like.  I have always been proud of my kids, and I have to say that Meg and Charlie are doing such a great job raising their kids! 

The other reminder I got was while playing hide-and-go-seek with Kai.  You have to understand – she’s not quite three.  If she can’t see you – you can’t see her.  She “hid” pretty poorly.  I made a show of trying to find her, but as soon as I walked in the room, I could see – and hear her.  I know I have said this before, but why is it that when we sin, we try to hid from God?  First of all, He knows everything, so He already knows what we’ve done.  Second, since He knows everything, He also knows how to “find” you.  Last, Jesus died on the cross so that all our sins would be forgiven – ALL our sins.  When we hide from God, or try to keep something a secret, that forgiveness cannot be accounted to us.  We are not hiding from God, nor are we hiding anything from Him.  What we are doing is keeping His grace and His mercy and His forgiveness from reaching us.  And really – that’s not any fun at all.