It’s no big secret:  I did not get along with my mother-in-law.  She was so sure she was always right and had an opinion about everything.  We had a lot in common.

Mostly we loved her (only) daughter.  That was the one thing we always agreed on.  I am sure that Lenore thought Bev could have married better (I know she could).  For years when Bev and I would get together with her folks – her mom and I would drive each other MAD!  Once Lenore asked me a political question.  I told her that she and I don’t exactly see eye to eye on these issues (understatement), and that when we discuss them we get into a fight.  So I asked her point blank: “Do you want to fight?”  I think we talked about the weather.  Bev was always caught in the middle and it was awkward for her.  She (rightfully) loved her mom.

Lenore was a good mother – all of her children, her grandchildren and even her great grandchildren love the Lord.  She loved them all to the best of her ability and that was obvious.  She did her best to make sure they felt loved and appreciated.  More than anything she wanted to leave a legacy to her family – an awareness of where they came from.  A sort of familial anchor.  So she wrote out her family history.  Stories about her parents, grandparents – as far back as she could go.  She also wrote out her own life story – her struggles and pains, good times and bad, so the rest of us had a good idea where we came from.

She was a teacher for a time and loved learning.  Their plan when they retired was to move to a place (they chose Prescott, AZ first).  They would use this as the base of operations.  From there they would see all the things that they could in the area, learn about the people and the history – then move somewhere else.  It never quite worked out that way, but they gave it their best shot.

This week marks the first year since she died.  It’s been very tough for the family because just four weeks later Bev’s dad, Dave died.  We know they are both with Jesus now and that helps.  I also know that when I see Lenore again things will be very different.

That is something to look forward to.