As you know if you were here last week, Bev has been pretty sick.  In fact, she had to call a substitute for her class on Monday and Tuesday.  She went into work today (Wednesday).  She had voiced a concern that she might not have the strength to make it through her day.

As I was making my way to my car, I thought I should go back and pray for her – I ignored the thought (I know, I am a terrible husband).  In my defense, I have prayed with her about her illness a few times before, but I just went to work.  I got a phone call from her shortly after I left, she asked me to pray for her.  I apologized, prayed and told her about my “thought” – and apologized again.

I am grateful for a wife who will ask me to pray for her, and I am grateful for a wife who is so forgiving.  But why didn’t I do what I thought to do in the first place?  What would have happened if I would have just turned around and told her I wanted to pray that she would have all the energy she needed to get through her day?  Would it have blessed her?  Would it make her feel like she was loved?  Oh God forbid! (I wish there was a sarcasm font) 

It is a really simple thing to listen to people, to discern what they are concerned about and to offer to pray for them.  I have rarely been turned down when I do offer.  When I am turned down I respect their wishes and pray for them anyway – silently.  A slightly more difficult thing is to listen to God and do what He calls you to do.  And yet, we often do.  Passing it off as “just my own thought” - not important.  We need to get it into our heads that as Spirit filled people; one way God speaks to us is by “our” own thoughts.

The Ladies Retreat has taken place this weekend.  At the very moment you are reading this (probably) they are returning home.  You better believe I have been praying for my wife and for all the ladies there.  If I have just convicted you because your wife is there and you have not been praying (well, good), you could pray right now, it’s not the best but it would be better than nothing.

I bet you thought about praying anyway…..