Perhaps we should be more like a dog.  No I am not going on about how a dog is the noblest creature in all creation, nor will I postulate on the idea that all dogs go to heaven.  I know a few dogs that if I saw them in the afterlife, I would question my location.  As I have observed Trip at home and here in the office, I have noticed several behaviors that I believe would be worth exploring.

First is that he is cautious about meeting people.  He wants to like them, but he takes his time about it.  I met a (very) young couple who came to my office to see if I could talk them out of getting a divorce – they married after being together for two weeks.  Time and time again, I see people making the same mistake.  They see one thing they like about another person and suddenly they are BFF’s and begin to pour their whole lives into the relationship.  Then suddenly something happens and the whole relationship circles the drain.

Which leads me to point two; Trip specifically (and dogs in general) are quick to forgive.  It does not matter who was wrong, or if the offending action was done by accident (stepping on his foot), or purposeful (punishing him for chewing yet another phone).  Within seconds, he is wagging his stump and wants to crawl up into my lap – I am completely forgiven (and who could begrudge that face of his?).

Third, he is all about the fun.  Even when I am trying to get the aforementioned phone out of his mouth, he wants to play keep away.  We (Bev and I) can scarcely walk down the hallway without him following us and playfully trying to bite our hands.  Take this guy outside and throw a few tennis balls around and he will be as happy as can be (I say a few tennis balls because he is not so good at fetch).

Lastly, he always wants to be close.  I have to keep him off our bed at night.  Several times a day, he will attempt to crawl up into my lap (he is currently 60 lbs).  When we do have to leave him at home he is so glad to see us when we are reunited.  It makes us smile.  Please, do not try this with your friends.  It would just be creepy.

You get the idea