Bev and I are in Sacramento this weekend, I did one of my bike rides (60 miles) yesterday and so we leave you in the very capable hands of Pastor David Brown from Shiloh Bible Church!

In the past several weeks we have successfully put the Vision Frame together and now it is time to talk about the actual Vision Proper of Greater Life Church….

…But before we do, let me explain that to get this far the team had been working for close to a year.  The Vision Proper (or Missional Mountaintop – just to throw more jargon at you) answers the question: “Where is God taking us?

Our answer to that question is:
“We’re leaving behind what drags us down, journeying together to discover the hope for the
Greater Life that God has for all.”

I have often said that our salvation is far more than what we talk about normally.  Certainly, it is the date we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.  On that day, our names were written in heaven, our sins all forgiven and we became new creations.  However, it is also a process (Journey), because we have neither stopped sinning, nor have we become what we were made to be.  This journey will take the rest of our lives, however, as we progress and drop the heavy baggage off God will then add the Christ like attributes He always intended us to have.  The more this happens the clearer that Greater Life comes into focus.

There is a second facet of the Vision Proper, we call them Missional Milestones and we will finish this series of letters with that next week.