I have millions of mom stories I could tell you.  My mom was not perfect (ask me about the time she almost blew us all up), but she did the best she could (especially considering what she had to work with!).  After all, she had to deal with seven of us kids, the age difference was 13 years and at one time, she had three of us in diapers.  We didn’t get along that well, and when we did we were usually getting into trouble.  But she was always there when we needed her.  We were all with her when she died.  My stepmom Lorraine is a great lady and I love her lots as well.  She has to put up with us “kids” and our pretty messed up relationships.  It can’t be easy.


It has not been easy for Bev either.  I came as a package deal (three beautiful little girls).  She was exactly what they needed.  They needed someone who would love them like her own and encourage them in their relationship with their biological mom.  It was not easy for either one of us as the girls chose to live with their other parents, and in a lot of ways I believe it was harder on Bev.  I always knew she was a keeper.


There is another mom in my life - My daughter Meg.  I love to watch her in action because she is so good with her kids.  When they misbehave she stops them by saying:  “No ma’am!” and then takes the time to explain what they are doing and how to do it right.  For a while Kaileigh would cry “I’m stuck, I’m stuck!” when you put her in her car seat.  Meg would ask her “Why are you stuck?”  Kai would get kind of sheepish at this point and answer – “to keep me safe.”  Is that great, or what?


To all the mom’s in my life and all you mom’s out there – We (guys) know it is a very tough job and not just anyone can do what you do (we can’t)!  God’s richest blessings on you all today!!!!