All of a sudden, it’s a big deal to be offended.

This whole Starbuck’s Red Cup fiasco has gotten out of hand.  If you do not know what I am talking about – good for you!  Basically some “Christian” folk are upset with Starbucks because they have taken their regular decorated “Christmas cups” and gone to a plain red cup.  Some people are demanding a boycott because the coffee shops have declared war on Christmas.  Others are all upset, because these people are all upset.  It can be rather upsetting.  Until we stop and think.

It seems as though declaring that you have been offended is the end of an argument – you win.  After that, no one can say anything.  This tactic is simply a weapon of mass distraction – nothing more.  It stops any possibility of resolving an issue and can result in the ending of a relationship.  Of course to be fair, some people truly have been offended – but what then?

If you are a Christian (a real Christian), then the answer is simple.  You go to the person who offended you and attempt to work it out (Matthew 18).  You do not go ‘guns a blazing’, you do not attempt to make them out to be the bad guy (person).  You go to resolve the issue.  You have a chance to end conflict, to seek understanding - and that is always a good thing.  It is the ultimate Win-Win.

The alternative is to stew in your offence – or worse.  Worse is when you tell others about how you have been offended (gossip).  Oddly enough often they become offended.  I guess misery really does love company.  It is worse because the people who get offended by your being offended really have no right to be offended.  That’s correct – you have no right to be offended at someone else’s offence.  It’s not yours. 

In fact, none of us Christians have the right to be offended.  We have the obligation to attempt to resolve the conflict.  Failing that we have the command to forgive the offender.

Like I have said before: “Christianity is simple.”