Someone was offended when I wrote “a long post” about Trip’s birthday.  After getting over the shock of their offended-ness.  I explained.

If they were actually paying attention, I do these kind of “long posts” for various “people”; at various times and for various reasons.  In fact these “long posts” actually has a name.  They are called TRIBUTES.

I write tributes as often as I can.  In them is express some of my favorite memories, I write about a person I look up to, their better qualities, or something I have learned to admire about them.

It’s my way of showing my gratitude for them and the things they have done in my life that has made my life better.  It is also a way I give thanks to God for allowing such people in my life and the many blessing He has given me through them.

I grant you that for the most part I am talking about people (real two legged persons), but I find I am also very grateful for some of the “things” in my life – particularly of the four legged variety – that God has gifted me with, and so I will write about those as well.  Most of the times the object of my tributes will not read them and therefore will never benefit from them.  That does not mean it is a waste of time for me to write them.  I benefit from writing them.  I benefit because in writing why I am thankful for the blessings in my life, I become even more thankful.  Which means I will be writing even more tributes, which will make me more thankful, etc. 

So if you are offended by gratefulness – you may consider unfriending me.