I have tried to explain to our California friends and relatives about Elko.  To most of them the concept of so much open ground is too much for them to fathom.

I understand where they are coming from; I have lived in California for a little more than 12 years.  In both the Bay Area and Southern California, you know you have entered a new city, because there is a sign    announcing the new city limits.  To try to tell them about how I used to drive 50 miles on the freeway to get to Wells to run ambulance did not compute.

“Why drive so far?  Why not run in Elko?”  I explained I felt needed in Wells (Elko had all kinds of EMTs here).  “Okay, but isn’t there someplace closer?”  I told them that Elko’s “territory” extended to a place called River Ranch, and Wells had from River Ranch to The Pequops.  They would ask how big the territory was; I told them.  Their next  question would normally be, “Do you get awfully far from the hospital in Wells?”  (I told you this was fun!)

Trying to explain that the hospital was in Elko, 50 miles from Wells, and that the Pequops is a mountain pass 25 or so miles past Wells was almost as much fun as trying to explain what was in between all that; (never mind talking about going north as far as the Wine Cup Ranch or south to Lages Station).

It’s not that there is no open country in California; as you drive through the State on Interstate 5 there is lots of open country, but most of it is obviously being used as farmland or for cattle.  They can’t wrap their heads around the idea of miles and miles of sagebrush.

Talking to people about Jesus can get you the same kind of “deer in the headlights” looks.  Sometimes it seems as though they will never get it.  We have to remind ourselves of two things; the first is that because their spirits are dead, they cannotunderstand.  The second is that God is capable and greatly desires to resuscitate their spirit and make it alive – if He is given the chance.

Hang in there and move as the Holy Spirit leads you.  Remember; when they give God that chance, everything you told them will come back to them.  It worked that way for me.