Recent activity on Facebook lately has (of course) revolved around how bad the current administration is and praising the abilities of “the next one.”  Just as I was about to enter the discussion (I don’t think ANY of them have the answers by the way), I got called up short.

 I was reminded that first and foremost these are people (the pinnacle of God’s creation, object of His affection and target of His redemptive act) who out of whatever motivation are attempting to become the leaders of the greatest country on earth.  Did I mention I don’t think any of them have the answers?  So, what do they need?  Our support?  Our vote?  Our answers?  No, they don’t need any of that.  What they need are our prayers.

 Believe me, as all of this is going through my head, other thoughts were also speeding through the little gray cells.  Thoughts like, “who cares?” and “just get the current guy out.”  I find it extremely difficult to pray FOR any of these people.  That is my problem; God is pretty clear about what our obligations are when it comes to those in power.  Pray for them.  The fact that when God had Paul write those verses that we should submit to the governing authorities (Romans 13), Paul was in prison by those authorities; a totally corrupt, self-serving group of


 Then of course I thought, “who am I?”  Frankly, I’m nobody; just an obscure person from an obscure part of the country.  The thing is that the God I serve is neither obscure nor is He powerless – far from it.  He says “pray,” so I am going to put my faith in Him and not the people in Washington, DC.  I am going to do my part to participate in the process, but as I believe I’ve said before, I don’t think any of them have the answers. 

 But I know who does.