I have several large “post its” in my office.  One of them is titled “Prayer” and it is the guide we use when we get together on Tuesday Nights.  It is pretty basic – just three steps: Worship, Pray, Listen.

Worship – acknowledge God for who He is and to remind us that His past actions are guarantees He will act on our best interests.

Pray – Talk to Him.  If we have a relationship with God, we need to communicate.  He tells us to bring our requests, desires and dreams to Him

Listen – Perhaps one of the most difficult things for us to imagine is that the creator of the universe wants to talk to us.  Remember, this is a relationship – communication works both ways.

When we get together to pray, there are three things we pray about:

            That we would be the right people.  We do not pray that God will bring us the “right people”, we pray that we become the right people, so that when other “right people” come they would want to stay.

            We pray for His direction.  We have done enough on our own to know that we would rather do it right the first time!

            Finally, we pray for the ministries of the church.  We want to not only do things right; we want to do the right things.

I don’t know if this would help you in your regular prayer life, but we use this guide and keep things simple.