If you are using the Life Journals, you read 2 Timothy along with the rest of us. 

      If you are not using it, you might have read it anyway!

      2Timothy always impresses me because Paul indicates that he is aware that he is about to die.  We know he was correct.  This was the last letter he was going to write.  I am not going to go on about “If you knew you were about to die, what would you tell the people you love” thing.  My hope is that you are already telling them.  However, in his last letter, we have Paul’s answer to that question.  He wraps everything up in the final chapter by saying; Preach the word – no matter what.

      I am aware that only a few of us are called to preach, and there are as many different “calls” on people’s lives as there are people reading this letter.  So please humor me for a moment and for the duration of the rest of this letter substitute “preach” with that call God has placed on your life.

      Just preach.  Whether you are prepared or not – PREACH

     Whether people listen or not – PREACH

     Whether you suffer because of it or not – PREACH

     People are watching – PREACH

     God is watching – PREACH

     Fulfill your ministry, fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith.  The Lord has your reward and is waiting to award you one day.  Until then: