We are in our second week of the new series; ACT Like the Church.  I capitalized the word “act” for emphasis, it’s not an acronym for anything.  This is an excerpt from the business plan for KGLJ Radio:


“At odds with this is the persistent belief that the proper way to Evangelize and present the gospel is in a church, at a worship service, by a Pastor, on a Sunday.  It’s true enough that this is Christian worship and is not only proper but vital to a Christian life - but is it Evangelism?  More to the point, is it effective?  Does it lead people to Christ? Does it save people from continuing down their path to death and eternal damnation?  Any fair look at the statistics of the current success of traditional Sunday go-to-church evangelism in America says no.  Indeed it screams no.  Locally we have less than 6% of the population going to church.  And these are almost all Christians already.  Nationally churches have been bleeding a straight line steady 3% of their membership every year for 40 years.  At those rates the Christian church will be dead in America in 25 years.”

We (GLC) are not an exception to these statistics or the sentiment, which is one of the reasons we are attempting such a radical idea of a radio station.  We have an advantage in that God has made it clear to the leadership of this church that HE is not going to close us down.  It does mean that we need to get serious about what we mean by “church”.  Let me be clear (but somewhat tongue-in-cheek), THERE IS NO CHURCH WITHOUT “U” (sorry, but I had to go there). 

In addition to the radical, we are also aware that we need to get back to basics.  Whenever a team is not performing well, the coach takes them back to the basics.  It is with that in mind that you are invited to join us Wednesday nights here at the church at 6:00PM to pray and discuss the situation.  I would encourage you to give up dinner that night.  Fasting does not make our prayer any louder, but God does promise it adds some emphasis.