We had some people over for a get together on Monday night, I grilled some burgers and everyone brought a side dish or desert.  We had lots of fun and as everyone was leaving they expressed sincere appreciation for us hosting and grilling.  I immediately begin to “deflect” their compliments.  After they had left I found myself wondering why I did that.  The appreciation was sincere and it was appropriate – I would have done the same.  In fact, some of my deflecting the compliments was to compliment them back.

Sometimes we think that receiving a compliment is somehow an affront to God.  If we don’t immediately give God all the credit, we will be guilty of a lack of humility.  I have even heard people tell me this is true, they NEVER receive a compliment.  I hope this sounds kind of extreme to you (it is).

First of all, God is not that insecure.  You will never catch Him jumping up and down, waiving His hands yelling; “What about Me?!”  Secondly, I believe He takes pleasure in our doing well AND being recognized for it.  Thirdly, He knows that I (for one) choose to acknowledge that He is the one who has given me the gifts I have (If grilling hamburgers can be called a spiritual gift {not likely}).  He has given both Bev and I the gift of hospitality (we don’t exercise it enough), and we have a really nice home, with a great big yard and beautiful deck to entertain people.  We give Him the glory for it and thank Him regularly for blessing us with the ability to buy the home.

We have lots of resources we use to bless others in small ways and when we do and people thank us for it, it is completely appropriate for us to smile and say; “Thank you, it is our pleasure.”  There is no “five second” rule for giving God the glory, and He does not wait for us to “turn it around”, He knows we do the things we do because He blesses us so wonderfully.  Because we do acknowledge it.

All the time.

I’m doing it now.