I have become aware of a couple different circumstances lately that need to be shared:


Brian came to me needing someone to help at the Men’s Camp next week.  It was not an area that I personally could help with, but I knew of someone here at church that could.  I called that person, explained the situation and they told me they would pray about it and get back to me soon (good answer!).  A couple days later, Brian called asking if I had heard anything.  I told him I had not.  Just then my phone rings.  The answer was yes, he could help.  I called Brian and let him know – he was ecstatic!

Another friend is in the midst of a difficult child custody situation.  She needed to know what classroom the child is in (new school year) so she could pick the child up for their regularly scheduled visit.  She sent a txt to the other parent asking, but did not receive an answer for several days.  Eventually the answer came.

Both these people had one thing in common – they both chose to rely on God for their situations.  Brian knew that God would provide him with the help he needed for the camp, because God has been so faithful both to him personally and to the camp as a whole.  My other friend realized that no one else but God could cause the heart of the other parent to become more cooperative.  Both did what they needed to do and allowed God to do the rest.  God did what He has been doing for the entire history of man.

It was not easy for either person, and the temptation to force something was strong.  Instead both did their best to trust in the Lord and not lean on their own understanding.  In both cases God honored their choice and came through.  Next time, it will be just a little easier for them to do the same thing.

Is there something in your life that you have been trying to force, or have been involved in too much instead of trusting God?  The answer is the same for all of us (including my two friends), yes there are.  Take a breath, give do what you are supposed to and give the rest to God.  I believe you will be surprised at what He does for you.