Jackie and I were in the office talking on Wednesday (as I was writing a different Bulletin Letter) about last week’s Bulletin Letter.  If you read it, you will remember it was about a friend who found a church he wanted to join, and part of the membership requirements were you had to confess ALL your sins to a church leader.  If you did not read last week’s letter – he found another church to join.  Now that everyone is caught up….

Jackie made the observation that though the idea of confession our sins is a great idea, actually repenting of them would be even better!  I would hope that as we confess pour sins – whether to God, or another person – that there is some sort of real remorse.  Sadly, I have seen people some people talking and I could not help but wonder if they are confessing or bragging.  Mom used to ask us when she was about to punish us and we said we were sorry: “Are you sorry, or sorry you got caught?”  Mom was smart – she knows the answer to that question.

God is even smarter than mom – He knows the difference between confession and a boast better than anyone.  He sees the condition of our heart as we do anything.  In fact, the key to everything in the Kingdom is the condition of our hearts.  It is not what we do – though our actions can really impress other people.  The bigger question (one God does not even need to ask) is Why are we doing it?  If the answer is anything other than I want to please God, or give God glory – it’s the wrong answer and we might as well save the energy.

Whether it is giving to the poor, tithing, or confession – do it with all your heart.