It’s that time of year (again).  Time to examine yourself and resolve to make yourself better.  To date, the only resolution I have kept in my life was in 1988 when I resolved to never make another resolution.  That is not to say I do not take time to examine myself and look for ways to improve, I do have goals that I make periodically, but I do not make resolutions.  For those of you who do, I have a little advice….

1)                 Don’t be too ambitious.  We tend to make a list (Lose 100lbs, workout every waking hour, read 1,000 books a month, be nicer to my mother-in-law, etc.…).  I suggest you limit both the number and the scope of your goals.

2)                 Find ways to further break the goal down in increments.  Part of what frustrates us is we tend to forget what we want to do by December 31st.  If your goal is to lose 4 pounds in a month, or read two books by March, it keeps the goals fresh.

3)                 Celebrate success often.  When you hit a milestone – recognize it.

4)                 Cut yourself some slack.  My current weight loss program is stalled.  I am regrouping, adapting and will overcome!

5)                 Share your goals with someone else who will HELP you.  Someone who will hold you accountable, you can help them the same way.  Also, write them down

6)                 Be specific about your goals.  We all want to draw closer to God.  How are you going to do that?

7)                 Pray!  I consider this as most important.  If God has a plan for you (Jer 29:11), then follow THOSE plans.