The pivotal event in history is celebrated today.  There is nothing to truly compare it to, because nothing humanity can think of comes even close to the Resurrection of Jesus!  No one had done anything like what He did when He promised that He would be killed, buried, but on the third day will rise from the dead.  That Sunday morning when His followers found the empty tomb is unique in all the world, but especially what separates Christianity from all other religions.  This event tells us that there is nothing we can add to or subtract from the offer of salvation, except receive it. 

Everything in Christianity revolves around the fact that Jesus was killed (not mostly dead - really, most sincerely dead), buried, and on the third day rose from the dead.  Everything else we know about the history of the relationship between humanity and God pales in the light of Jesus’ dying in our place, taking our sins and paying the penalty for them. 

The resurrection is further proof that Jesus was not blaspheming when He told the High Priest (and Pilot) that He is God.  It gives credence to the miracles He did while He walked among the people.  It is the authority that everyone felt when they heard Him speak.  It is the assurance that He will never leave us alone.  The proof that the Holy Spirit within in us is the HOLY Spirit.  The encouragement that we can do greater things (in number) than He did while He was here.  It is the confidence we have when we make the claims about the Kingdom to others.  It is everything to Christians. 

And it is today!