We are going to take a break from our survey in Romans to examine some of the other changes that go along with our name change.  I did a little calculation this morning (Thursday), assuming that church has met every week for the last 100 years, this morning would be number 5,200.  Actually, to my knowledge it would be 5,199.  We cancelled a service on February 3, 2008 due to weather, other than that, I am not aware of any Sunday morning services that did not happen.  That means next week, Dr Charles Revis, our Regional Executive Minister will preach the 5,200th Sunday morning at First Baptist, oh wait, it will be the 5,200th Sunday morning service for the church, but the 1st Sunday morning for Greater Life Church!

These are exciting times in the life of our church!  We are going to celebrate what God has done through us in the last 100 years.  Think about it; everything that has happened to this church, and through this church not only has molded and shaped people, but the community itself.  I know it’s an “It’s a Wonderful Life” cliché, but what would Elko look like if it were not for the influence of First Baptist Church?  Impossible to really know (this side of eternity), but this church is part of the history of this area.  It is also part of the future of our area as well.  As we begin to look at the greater life God has given us, we too will naturally bring greater life to the people around us and therefore the town will experience it too.  Just like bringing electricity to a light bulb brings light into a room, we can/should/must bring greater life to the people around us – naturally.

To change to topic, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that Friday the 11th is Veteran’s Day.  It is the day America sets aside to honor our veterans.  It could seem a little self serving for me (a veteran) to be pointing this out, but I am willing to risk it.  Not only am I a veteran, but I come from a family of vets.  Dad was career Air Force, he served during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  Mom was a nurse in the Army and served in the South Pacific, including at the 8063rd MASH during the Korean War.  Two of my sisters were also Army Nurses, and my three brothers served in the Air Force.  In fact, all five services have known Killions.

All five services have known members of our church as well.  I am impressed each year as we ask the veterans within our church to stand and acknowledge their service to this country.  Make sure at some time today that you thank them (okay, us) for their service.  And from one warrior to the others – Bravo Zulu! (Well Done!).